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Just because we are in "tight budget" times doesn't mean you can't afford to purchase something that will improve all areas of your Transportation Department. It just means you may have to "Justify" the purchase!
With Bus Master it's simple. Bus Master will save you money and these dollars can be used to "Justify" the purchase of a software package that will revolutionize everything you do!

1. When purchasing Bus Master you will virtually eliminate the cost of ALL PRE-PRINTED FORMS. We have tried to list the type of forms included in Bus Master that most transportation departments have printed by a local printing company, at a significant cost. If you have forms that are not listed, please contact us to see if they are eliminated by Bus Master! Total the annual cost you spend on having these forms printed and enter the amount in the box below.

Student Conduct Activity Trips Miscellaneous
Conduct/Discipline Notice Driver Trip Form Work Orders
Suspension Notice Trip Invoice Purchase Orders
Parental Letters/Rules School Invoice Bus Pass

Total Cost of ALL Pre-Printed Forms = $

2. Bus Master allows you to email parents forms like Conduct and Suspension Notice rather than use traditional mail. Record the total annual postage your transportation department spends in the box below.

Total Cost of Postage = $

3. When using Bus Master Activity Trips, schools normally cut their time working with activity trips by HALF because it’s all automatic! This includes building and manipulation of spreadsheets for; driver pay, trips schedules by school, activity type or driver, completing trip sheets and more. Bus Master even has an optional module that allows a designated person at each school to enter their own trips which are held pending approval by the Transportation Department. Estimate the value of how many hours you devote to this type of duty and CUT THEM IN HALF. Record this amount in the box below.

Half the Cost of Activity Trip Hours = $

4. Using Bus Master eliminates the hours you spend ccompiling data for state reports, maintenance schedules, work orders, route sheets, count sheets and more. There is a report for just about everything, at the click of a button. If you have any questions on the type of reporting Bus Master includes, don't hesitate to contact us! Estimate the value of the hours you spend coming up with all these types of reports and enter it in the box below.

Total Cost of Report Building = $

5. Knowing your Cost Per Mile for each vehicle will save you money! Eight different Preventative Maintenance Schedules are included in Bus Master that are assigned to vehicles. Bus Master will then tell you when maintenance is due by number of Days or by Mileage interval. We have even had new users "back enter" their maintenance records and justify three new buses. Estimate the cost of needless oil changes, maintenance on vehicles that are nickel and diming you to death not to mention the time involved dealing with all the data. Enter the cost of unnecessary maintenance and the tracking cost below.

Total Cost of Maintenance = $

6. Transportation departments normally eliminate "at least" one route with using Bus Master and MapPoint! Be able to see an entire route on screen with all the stops, print maps and directions and EFFICIENTLY ROUTE FAST! The benefits of using Bus Master Routing go on and on. Enter the cost savings of one of your routes in the box below.

Cost of One Route = $

Total of ALL Costs = $

Using Bus Master
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If you need more savings, don't hesitate to contact us and we can assist you in your individual situation.


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