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The Standard Edition of Bus Master is just that "The Standard". It has every thing you need to run a complete Transportation Department . . . Period! Entering data is easy with drop down menus and navigation bars. In fact the interface is so easy and intuitive that you will be up and running . . . FAST! Managing students and their transportation needs is a time consuming and sometimes thankless job. Bus Master was designed by working with individuals just like you. Our goal is making your job easier and freeing up your valuable time to do more productive tasks, like transporting students safely to their destinations. Bus Master was developed by a Microsoft Certified Partner. Microsoft and Bus Master are names you can trust to develop products to make your job easier. Users from all over the United States and Canada can't be wrong!

Just ask yourself a few questions . . .

Is your current software difficult to run and expensive to own? Do you need something that is user friendly and works the way you think?

Do you want your transportation department to become efficient in all areas, fast and affordable?

Do you want to know your costs in all areas?

Are you looking for a proven way to save time and money right now!

When your operation optimizes the power of Bus Master, it's like having a expensive transportation consultant at your fingertips without the excessive charges.

Bus Master Standard Edition includes all of the following tools:

With Bus Master you will have a complete Student Profile, Special Needs and Routing right at your fingertips! The Student tab includes students pictures, social security number, birthday, teacher, primary & secondary parents name, phone numbers, email addresses, sitters information, Homeless designation and emergency contact information and more. Complete provisions for Summer School . . . simple tag the students that attend Summer School and click one button to import them to a separate Summer School file. This allows you to work with Summer School students independently from your regular student data. The new Map Point integration allow you to click the map icon and see the students home, pick-up or drop-off location plotted on a map. With Version 6 we have also added Homeless designation that will allow you to access HMLS Reporting and also export these type of students to Microsoft Excel for any other reporting you may require.

The Special Needs tab allows you access to additional emergency contacts, doctors info, line-up considerations, restraint information, Title One Information, medical diagnosis, medical concerns, notes and ability to print Individual Transportation Plans for Special Needs students.

The Routing tab allows you access to complete routing information for each student. This includes AM, PM, Alternate AM, Alternate PM Pick Up and Drop Off bus and locations.

Bus Master even provides a field for any other student specific information that you need to have on hand. Entering data is easy with drop down menus and navigation bars to navigate through your student data base. Bus Master also has powerful search/sort features that let you easily go right to a particular student or a specified selection of students. Sort the entire file to see the students in any particular order. If you want to see the students routing data just click on the Routing Information tab and you can see the student’s entire bus assignment and routing data with the click of a button! Print student contact reports by school, student address labels and mail merge with Microsoft Word for just about any letter or form imaginable easily and conveniently.

Manage all your Student Conduct infractions and have each Student's History right in front of you. We have modified the reporting options again to provide you a wealth of information. Being able to print Conduct Slips, Bus Suspension Forms and Conduct History alone will justify the cost of Bus Master with the savings you will achieve from printing costs. We have also added a host of tools that will allow you be able to look at conduct history by bus, school, infraction or combination of these values. You choose to view all of this information in detail or just a summary by category. Fast, efficient and user friendly way to manage conduct from Bus Master.

Bus Master tested this module in a school district running more than 350 trips per day before releasing it to the public. Our Activity Trips module covers everything from Scheduling, Invoicing and Driver Pay. We have added support for user defined flat rates and descriptions that can be assigned to individual trips. Trips can be grouped by school and be unlimited user assigned codes within each school. There are provisions for Lay Over Rates and Times, reuse Trip Destinations and a complete reporting section.
Use FLAT RATE CHARGES on trips? Just added unlimited amount of user defined flat rates and descriptions that can be assigned to individual trips! We have also completed a optional module that will allow the actual schools to enter their own trips and take the load off transportation. The benifits and possibilites are to numerous to mention so order a Free Demo to see all the posibilites!

Bus Master allows you to keep detailed records of every vehicle in your fleet. Each fleet record records the location, make, model, engine, brakes, transmission, key number and much much more. Right click on any field and you can use all the sorting and filtering power to see the information in just about any way you want. Print a hard copy report of this information with the click of a button. Oh, and guess what, it's all included in the Bus Master Package!

Stay on top of your drivers’ information with a total history on one screen. Capture a complete driver profile with name, address, phone, social security number and license number. Track physical information, permit expiration dates, hire dates, qualifications, special permit status and more! Print detailed hard copy reports for an easy desk reference. We have just added support for driver pay! Record Activity Rate and Layover Rates for each driver that will be used to compile drivers pay in the Activity Trip Module.

Bus Master PRO Geocode Edition lets you route fast and accurately. For new purchases and upgrades we will geocode you student lists for FREE! Just think, no more hunting for students on a map because Geocoding insures the best possible match on students address. Bus Masters integration with Microsoft MapPoint will allow you to route fast and effectively. In our on-site tests we successfully routed a city district with 5 schools and 5000 students in about 4 hours. Your results will vary based on skill level and difficulty of the district. BUT, other software packages publish training and implementation of up to 6 months for your first maps, YOU DECIDE!

Direct integration with Microsoft MapPoint.
One Click and Bus Master will update the Distance from School Field for all Students.
You have the ability to plot and edit Student Eligibility Maps . . then One Click import to Bus Master.
Once Eligibility has been determined simply select the school(s) for you Pre-Route Map and Click Once to plot a complete map of all students riding the bus.
Stop Pickups are simple! Using your Pre-Route Map just add the Stop, draw a shape around the students getting on at that stop and Bus Master will automatically assign these students to the stop along with stop names and times.
Home Address Pickups are easy! Using your Pre-Route Map just draw a shape around students riding a bus and Bus Master will do the rest.
Bus Master can handle 8 AM and 8 PM Routes per bus plus Alternate and Transfer Bus Routes. Once routed you can print route sheets, count reports, student emergency profiles and more.

Knowing your fleet is the first step towards saving money and knowing your costs. There is more going on after the students are off the Bus than when its full. Be able to call up a complete maintenance history on any bus at any time. Capture any information, from oil changes to engine overhauls.New in Version 6 you have the ability to define and assign EIGHT completely different preventive maintenance schedules to any vehicle. Simply enter in your Maintenance Operations to track, the elapsed mileage or number of days between operations and let Bus Master do the rest. Track the COST PER MILE, LABOR COST, PARTS COST, GAS MILEAGE, GALS USED and MORE! Print reports for any date range, for any bus or all buses. Print a Maintenance Schedule along with Work Orders to accompany that schedule. Assign Machanics to Work Orders and track productivity. Oh, and guess what, it's all included in the Bus Master Package!

Bus Master has made State Mileage Reports just plain simple. As you use the software Bus Master keeps tabs on Route Miles, Activity Trip miles and more. We have had many requests for the ability to record and report mileage for state reports. You can also define unlimited types (Early Childhood, Special Needs) and report on each type based the date range that you specify. It's simple to understand and easy to use. It accommodates specified routes, multiple use vehicles and more.

Easily enter all your vehicle fuel usage with Bus Master Software! We use a simple entry screen that allows you to capture fuel usage for the entire fleet. This information is used when running cost reports for your fleet. The time savings alone will pay for the software purchase! We have also included a Fuel Only Table for tracking down data entry problems and a Fuel Log to allow you to see each fuel entry the way you entered it! We have tried to think of everything to make your job quick and easy!

Don't forget to ask us about our optional integration with Fuel Management Systems like Gas Boy and Fuel Master. We have optional support for Fuel Management Systems that will allow you to directly import fuel data and bypass data entry all together!

Bus Master allows you to easily track and invoice students that must pay to ride the bus. Define you own payment methods and apply them on an individual basis. Record and track payments received and expiration of "paid till" dates easily. Print individual or batch invoices by "paid till" dates. Print accounts received report for accounting purposes. You will be amazed how easy it is to manage all your Pay Rider records with this extremely user friendly interface.

Global Address Copy - You copy the student’s home address into the pick-up and drop-off fields one at a time on the Routing Screen or use this utility where the majority of students will be picked up at home. It copies this information for all students.

Export Records in Excel Format - Need a special report or want to analyze your data? Use this utility to export records to excel format. Export Student, Driver, Fleet or Maintenance records.

Global Delete Records Options - Used for end of year clean up you have the option to delete specific types of records all at once.

Search-Replace Bus & Routes - This utility allows you to make quick global changes on your routes. Just enter the From data and the To data and click the "Make Changes Now" button.

End of Year Grade & School Updates - Use this utility to update grades levels and schools at the end of the year. Only changes needed at the beginning of next year is to input kindergarten and new arrivals. No since importing new data each year!

Clear Summer School Tags - Used to start a fresh year and clear all students that were tagged for Summer School.

Export Summer School Data - If you also manage summer school Bus Master makes it a snap! Just tag the children for Summer School in the Student Screen and Export a complete data set to the Summer School file that contains everything you need to be ready for Summer School Transporting.

Now, with the click of a button you are ready for Summer School! Export students tagged for Summer School and you have a complete file that you can use that WILL NOT effect any of your regular data. Modify existing routes, schedule activity trips and more for the Summer School students only.
All of these options for transportation plus a whole lot more are included in Bus Master PRO Standard Edition. Contact Us Today for more info or a FREE DEMO that will show you the power of Bus Master!