School Bus Maintenance and Inventory with Bus Master Software, the Student Transportation Software Solution

All the features of Bus Master Standard PLUS:

After countless requests we have developed a complete Inventory system that ships with the Bus Master Inventory Edition! Our new version is targeted towards transportation departments that do not currently manage their inventory on the computer or are using separate inventory software package. Both versions of Bus Master allow you to capture and report a complete maintenance and fuel usage history along with parts and labor but the Inventory Edition takes it one step further by allowing an integrated solution to inventory, a total software package. We have tried to think of everything and what we haven't thought of we will be including in future updates!

No more hunting through Purchase Orders or address books! It's all right at your fingertips. Not only that, but it is integrated with the rest of the Inventory Release so you only have to type your vendors information in once and from then on you can pick it from a drop down menu. Once a vendor is chosen Bus Master will complete anything else from the vendor file that is needed. Oh, and guess what, it's all included in the Bus Master Package!

Manage all your parts fast and effectively! Never run out of product, always know when and what to order. Bus Master allows you all of this plus an easy to use interface that will have you up and running in a snap. The time savings alone will pay for the software purchase!

Just a Few The Reporting Functions You Will Get!

Items you need to Order based on Reorder Point. When you click on the "Items you need to Order based on Reorder Point" button, Bus Master searches all inventory items and compares the Quantity to Stock versus the Reorder Point and will give you a complete report showing all items that need to be ordered and complete ordering information.
More Reports - Each report allows you a filter up to 10 different locations, vendors or show All Vendors. Remember, each report can be previewed, printed or emailed.
By Number - See your entire inventory by number.
By Locations - Report shows inventory based on the Locations you choose or all Locations. This report is normally used for physical counts to audit inventory levels.
By Vendor - Report shows inventory based on the Vendors you choose or all Vendors.
Parts Usage - Report shows you usage for all parts you pick on any given time frame.

Bus Master makes purchasing product a breeze and provides everything you need right on your computer screen. With a few clicks select a vendor, parts and enter quantities and you are ready to preview, print or email a complete Purchase Order. Oh, and don't forget you can use the "Items you need to Order based on Reorder Point" report to make it even easier! We have also provided a simple way to delete obsolete PO's and manage all your data. Oh, and yes it's all included in this Bus Master Package!

Receiving inventories has never been easier! Simple choose the Purchase Order, the part and enter the quantity received. You can enter a whole batch or one at a time. Next click the "Post Receiving to Inventory" button and all Inventory records are updated to the correct amounts in stock and on order. There's even safeguards for posting items that you don't currently stock. Real world, real easy and it's included in this Bus Master Package!

In a shop, well run or not there will always we problems with inventory counts and purchase orders. We have foreseen this problem and provided a easy way to track down discrepancies. A record for any item that has been posted from receiving is created at the time of posting and can be viewed, sorted or queried from this screen. You can also preview, print or email a report showing all items received by the date you choose or by a Purchase Order number. With this information it is easy to track down discrepancies. You also have the ability to delete Receiving History by date as it becomes obsolete. Just one more advantage to using Bus Master with Inventory!

Fast Work Order Entry with Parts, Labor and Description. . you have everything. We spent a lot of time with this module making sure it was intuitive to the user and easy to navigate, enter and use. Bus Master gives you a complete maintenance package and Bus Master with Inventory goes one better. Wow, complete maintenance package with integrated inventories! Entering a work order is simple as picking information from a drop down menu and just a little typing. As you post work orders inventory levels are updated.
With Bus Master you have the ability to implement a Preventive Maintenance Program and Bus Master will give you a report of the maintenance operations that need to be performed and the corresponding Work Orders. You also get the great Maintenance Reports used in version 4.0 with a complete Cost Per Mile Breakdown for each vehicle in your fleet.